You may have heard of the recent BFF cat food ‘issues’. Our dear Alan died last Tuesday, we had to have him euthanased after he declined so terribly over a period of three weeks. It’s a long story with many a twist, and we tried really hard and thought we had saved him but then he declined again. I have never cried so much in my life, which is ridiculous because: cat, but people with beloved pets will understand. He was our boy – he turned twelve months during the crisis – and we loved him, and we lost him.

I am in a Facebook group with more than 200 people. Apparently there are 17,000 BFF cat customers in Australia, sold through Petbarn and possibly another chain. Of our small group, more than ten cats have died, and many are or have been in intensive care. Some are responding to treatment but the recall news and subsequent medical treatment suggestions came too late for our Alan.

Anyone who has cats and BFF or other weird health issues that have suddenly arisen in the last three to four weeks, please let me know in the comments. We are gathering and mobilising, an army of sad cat people working out what to do next, finding strength and comfort in numbers.