Writers Under the Influence

Are you a scotch drinker or whiskey fiend? Neither? I am somewhat on the wagon these days but I do have a partiality to an occasional snifter of Laphroaig. I have been invited to appear at a series called Writers Under the Influence, at funky Northcote Buck Mulligan’s Bar on Wednesday 7 June at 7.30pm.

Buck Mulligan’s is described as ‘bar and bookshop; Irish whiskey and literature specialists’ and how good is that?

Now a Wednesday night may not be your particular drinking night, that’s fine, but come along for a snack and a chat and a listen. I’m not sure of the format – let’s say it will be loose. I’ll be talking about my influences – bookish – and doing a couple of readings, from an author who influenced and from my own work. Apparently the audience tend to take over and I wouldn’t mind that. I could sit back and let the evening unfold around me.

Looking forward to it.

Details here. No bookings required, a free event.

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