The Handmaid’s Tale

Consider this a place holder for when I get a moment to write something about this TV series based on the book. But first I need to finish the thing. Last night, the TV was ‘playing up’ so we couldn’t watch any. We are up to Episode 7, and while it is an amazing realisation of the story – the aesthetics are staggeringly good, the acting too, the storytelling and dialogue, all tick tick tick – I do have some niggles. I haven’t read the book in probably 30 years and have started re-reading.

More soon/later/sometime.

(The novel seems to have more covers than Lolita.)


One thought on “The Handmaid’s Tale

  1. Well. After that wait this will be an anti-climax I’m sure. I didn’t love it. It was good for Episodes 1 through 6. Seven it fell over for me. Eight was marginally better than seven but still not great. Nine and ten, while they had some ‘good bits’ they were at time so bad. I would love to hear what other people thing. Not about the cinematography, the aesthetics, the costumes, the acting. It was all so amazing. But they tampered with the story and for that, I will never forgive them. No, seriously, it was good but not excellent. 7/10 because I think they really mucked it up.

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