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I love Saturdays. I love getting the papers in the morning (although the editorial material is shrinking as the commercial material increases). It’s the only day of the week when I read papers – the rest of the time it’s just headlines that come under my nose and half-read articles that I come across. I have given up on Sunday papers, and the Saturday ones are going downhill rapidly, especially the literary pages.

Some stories I came across the past week:

1. This from mentalfloss – 8 beautiful snow scenes from literature. I feel like many many books are set in the heat (including much of my next one). It’s as if the past, especially childhood, is somehow wrapped up with summer. My third novel has rain, lots of it.


2. I am particularly entranced by writer and social commentator Rebecca Solnit, especially as you can follow her on facebook and get to see her (and her associates) respond to things in real time. This week I bought two of her books, including Men Explain Things to Me. Am looking forward to reading her words. Here is the original essay from 2008, republished in  Guernica, about how she came to write such a thing about men explaining things to women.

rebecca solnit pic

3. Back to rain. The Japanese language contains fifty words for rain. I love the idea of words categorised according to intensity, when in combination with another weather event, types (‘welcome rain’ and ‘refreshing rain once’), when in syncopation with time somehow (‘brief, light rain’ and ‘sudden evening rain’). Read more here.