The Bad Diaries Salon #TRIPS

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We had the second salon last night to the theme of TRIPS. It was held at Abbotsford Convent, at Cam’s Kiosk, which was a great venue for this type of event. We started mingling and chatting at 6.30pm. First reader started a little after 7, and we were finished by about 8.45pm.

It was interesting that – with no previous talk about what types of readings were selected – there was a natural texture and variety. Close attention to detail showed in the writers’ diaries, but also, amazingly, it was clear that even as young diarists, there were already strong voices developed. It was fascinating as a writer – and listener – to hear what people chose to record, how they read (some were more performative, others just straight reading). How much they were inclined to commentate their own reading, how they introduced and set-up the reading, as well as what they chose to reveal.

Again, it was an intimate, unique, beautiful thing and afterwards everyone was elated, as if they had heard/done something really different. Simple rules:

1. read for ten minutes
2. no writing to purpose, all work needs to be from a diary (or equivalent) from the past 3. no recording of the event.

Next week, I’m going to Perth, for the third salon. Stay tuned to hear about that one. I’m looking forward to meeting more fantastic writers and hearing them read from their old diaries.

Here are some photos, plus a group shot of the five readers: Jennifer Down, Jock Serong, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Rose Mulready and Marlee Jane Ward.



4 thoughts on “The Bad Diaries Salon #TRIPS

  1. This sounds like a wonderful event Jenny. My son lives within walking distance of the Convent. If I’d been in town visiting him, I’d have been there in a flash. I only “know” Rochelle as a writer but, voyeur that I am, I love the idea of writers reading from their diaries .

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