Goodness. A month has passed.

As the year wraps up, my mind starts turning to those lists. I am compiling my own list – in my head for now – and deciding on the categories. Like last year I’ll group things according to not just books, because let’s face it, even for the most hard-core readers – and writers – life does sometimes (only sometimes) include other things. My year has been ‘mixed’ (that’s putting it with a kind, neutral spin on it).

I am deep in my proof pages for the next novel.

I am deep in the planning for when I leave again in just over two weeks, for take 2 to the northern climes.

It is going to be so cold so all my browser windows are open to coats, gloves, faux fur hats. Where to try to have an old-style Christmas in Moscow. Where to have New Year’s drinks in St Petersburg. What to do in a blizzard. Ten things not to do in Russia. Are the cabs safe?

It’s exciting/terrifying.

Did you know there are touch-screen GLOVES?

I’ll post once more before the end of the year and it’ll be my version of the lists.

Until then, here is my recentish reading list:

Tim Winton’s The Boy Behind the Curtain | re-read of Dorothy Porter’s The Monkey’s Mask | Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem | Grief is the Thing With Feathers (reading now) | Some Tests Wayne Macaulay (reading now) | Magda Szubanski’s Reckoning | Woman of Substances Jenny Valentish | The Imaginary Girlfriend John Irving | The Last Interview Ernest Hemingway | Men Explain Things to Me Rebecca Solnit | Transit and Outline Rachel Cusk | Michelle de Kretser’s The Life to Come

Some of the above are unfinished. I just can’t settle very well to reading at the moment.

Anyone else have that problem?

Oh, and a reminder: the final Bad Diaries Salon is on next Wednesday 6 December. I know it’s a busy time of year or everyone but it will be GREAT. Readers are: Jane Rawson, Patrick Allington, Bram Presser, Alice Robinson and Jo Case. Details are on the facebook page, or find me on twitter and ask.


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2 thoughts on “Goodness. A month has passed.

  1. A few thoughts:
    1. Good luck with those proofs – exciting!
    2. Safe travels (and I hope your daughter has recovered after her ankle (??) injury.
    3. I have some of those gloves… you can’t go back once you have them (essential for parents who spend their winters standing on the sidelines at kids sport!).
    4. Reading: I really want to read Some Tests; I have Women of Substances and will probably read it before the end of the year (saw her at the MWF and she was brilliant); interested to hear your thoughts on The Life to Come; was the Irving a reread? Decades since I read that one…
    5. So disappointed that I can’t get to the Bad Diaries Salon. Next year… (the art work for Spin is fab).

  2. Good luck with the proofs too. Very exciting as Kate says. I discovered those gloves in a shop in Berrima only a month or so ago, but I didn’t buy any because, first, I wondered if they work, and second, I don’t really need them because I’m never really using my devices outside in whether that cold.NOW WHY OH WHY are you going to RUSSIA in the middle of winter? Are you mad? I’ve realised that climate is almost top priority in deciding where I travel to these days. (But I do have problematic skin which is very sensitive to climate – if I don’t want to be miserable, I have to listen to it.

    Love your varied reading. There are a few there that I’d like to read …

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