Hello 2021

Long time, no type.

I’d put all my blog posts into some sort of hidden folder and just now reinstated them. I plan to get back to a bit of blogging because why not, also we’re in a pandemic and nostalgia is a real pull right now.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have, but let’s see how I go. It was the reason why I archived everything, because I had no time.

But I do miss the old days (this blog here wasn’t even the true old days) of throwing something down, and having a handful of comments. I wonder if anyone from before will be out there, but perhaps new people will chance along.

That’s it for now.

I’m back.


5 thoughts on “Hello 2021

  1. I remember those old days. It’s good to see you blogging again. Always look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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