News: substack launched

Well it’s been a long time that I’ve been thinking about doing something different to blogging (let’s face it, my blog has become more and more sporadic with time). Twitter looks like it’s dying (and if it doesn’t literally disappear, it has changed. I really don’t think the strategy is to completely destroy it. I think it’s to reshape it so it’s a more comfortable space for people who are threatened by progressives. So the new owner is making it less a place for people who are interested in social justice, people who are anti-capitalism, people who want to follow directly the journalists, commentators and activists who align with their own thinking, rather than have the bullshit filtered through the mainstream media (and even ignored by the MSM) who believe in science (re climate change and vaccinations) and who are left-leaning in their politics. And people are jumping ship in amazing numbers. I’m not going to Mastodon or any other Twitter replacement. I liked Twitter but it has (maybe) had its day for me. Enter the substack. I’m not calling it a newsletter, more an n’letter, or a post. A letter. And it’s called BIG WORDS. I sent my first one out yesterday, you can read that here and you can read my set-up intro post here.

This way I can blather on about the things I’m interested in – sometimes books and writing, other times just life things, and other times still it might be flights of fancy. What it won’t be is a heavy political thing, or activist’y thing (that’s just not me). It’ll sometimes be funny, sometimes more serious but hopefully never earnest. There won’t be any hard sell and no spamming either. It wont even be once a week, I won’t have a strict schedule but when I do send one, it’ll be on a Monday. There might be some swearing (let’s face it, probably). See you there I hope! If you go to one of the posts above you can click subscribe and receive me and my musings straight into your email inbox.

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