A year later

Was just going through my old posts and came across this one from 21 December last year. Great things It interests me that a year ago I had my first draft completed of my second novel manuscript (labelled VERSION1) and that I was trying to come up with a structure for it. What I was [...]


Quick trip on horizon

I'm going to LA and New York for a flying visit (long story but I have a friend who works for Qantas, he gets flight benefits that he can give to friends, so a cheap business-class return ticket to LA is all happening. And cheap is like really cheap). We are leaving Easter Sunday. And [...]

What publishers want

Australian literary agent Virginia Lloyd recently visited Sydney (Virginia lives in Brooklyn) to have a series of meetings with agents to find out: what they want more of and what they are sick of reading or not interested in. In short: helpful information for writers wanting to get published. There are no huge surprises - [...]