Writers Under the Influence

Are you a scotch drinker or whiskey fiend? Neither? I am somewhat on the wagon these days but I do have a partiality to an occasional snifter of Laphroaig. I have been invited to appear at a series called Writers Under the Influence, at funky Northcote Buck Mulligan's Bar on Wednesday 7 June at 7.30pm. Buck [...]


Battling on with Sir Salman

I am in the final stages of Midnight's Children and what a struggle it is. This is not a novel that will give itself over to me in any way. Just when I think I'm getting a grip, it slips away from me, like one of the frequent snake motifs scattered through the book, or [...]

Plans for 2016

As I said before, this is my Year of Reading India. The rules are I don't buy any new local or overseas fiction, with the following exceptions: my friend's book, coming out this year some time books that fit into my written by an Indian author/set in India/about India books that are necessary for my reading [...]

Back from my fishing trip aka The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2015

It was really good and while the added six days were kind of not good, they were also good. Good. Here are some photos from my launch, which was held at the divine Sri Ratih Cottages in Ubud, which was also where I stayed. It was really fun doing a launch with a different format. First, [...]