Well it was a fabulous night. We all read from our diaries. Because of the rule that we don't record on the night and try to create that safe, intimate space, I won't talk about what others read. I will say that all were funny, brilliant and thoughtful. There was some tragedy, delivered in mocking [...]


The Bad Diaries Salon #TRIPS

We had the second salon last night to the theme of TRIPS. It was held at Abbotsford Convent, at Cam's Kiosk, which was a great venue for this type of event. We started mingling and chatting at 6.30pm. First reader started a little after 7, and we were finished by about 8.45pm. It was interesting [...]

Plans for 2016

As I said before, this is my Year of Reading India. The rules are I don't buy any new local or overseas fiction, with the following exceptions: my friend's book, coming out this year some time books that fit into my written by an Indian author/set in India/about India books that are necessary for my reading [...]

Reading plans for 2016 – the Year of Reading India

While I was in Ubud recently, I decided that next year will be my Year of Reading India. I plan for 2016 to be the beginning of a new type of reading approach for me. Why India? Because I have a bunch of books written by Indian authors already, including a few of Salman Rushdie's [...]

2, 2 and 2 at Amanda Curtin’s blog

The lovely Amanda Curtin (who I met at the recent Ubud Writers Festival) asked me if I'd participate in a series she runs on her blog, looking up looking down. The idea is you write about 2 things that inspired your book, 2 places connected with the book (geographical or metaphysical) and 2 favourite 'anythings' somehow connected [...]