Bad Diaries Salon

SALON UPDATE 5 June 2018

Details of two salons have been announced for July, and a third is in the works.

PORT FAIRY has a Winter Weekend series and we are staging a salon there on the evening of Saturday 7 July, full program here. Readers for Port Fairy include Emma Viskic, Tracy Farr, Rochelle Siemienowicz, it’s an open form and the theme is DELETED.

And Geelong Libraries is hosting a Bad Diaries Salon on Wednesday 11 July, details can be found here. Readers for Geelong are Rosalie Ham, Angela Savage, Tracy Farr, Jock Serong, Leah Kaminsky and Robert Gott, the form is first drafts and the theme is, fittingly, FIRST.

We are also organising a salon to be held at Buck Mulligan’s on the evening of Tuesday 10 July, so it is all happening.




The concept
Five published writers read for ten minutes, to a theme, from their terrible old diaries, woeful poetry, awful short stories, sad abandoned novels or other early works. No writing to purpose, no editing or revising. Events are not recorded, there are no auditions or submissions, and the salons are proving candid, hilarious, rare, unique and special. And awkward. See posters below for some of the fabulous Australian writers who have read at a BDS so far. We are planning more salons for 2018, so stay tuned for announcements here and on FB. If you are a published Australian writer and would like to read, if you have gold in diary or early works form, please get in touch via the contact page. We will also be looking at running salons with other groups of five: musicians, journos, visual artists, dancers and so on. So likewise, if you have some old teen diaries burning a hole in your psyche, please let me know. Readers are paid, and events are free.

You can read here about the Perth salon REGRETS, and two of the Melbourne salons TRIPS and MISTAKES.

In the meantime, while you cool your impatient heels, if you can access it, have a listen to a recent chat on TRIPLE RRR, about the Bad Diaries project. I’m on about 1:35 hrs in, but do listen to Jennifer Down on first, talking about her residency at Banff, and Morris Gleitzman about becoming the new Australian Children’s Laureate.

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Bad Diaries Salon poster artwork by Robert Lukins, Esq.