My Mum’s Bad Diaries is coming soon, in November in fact. I’ve been editing like a mad-woman (yes, I’ve taught myself how to do it using Garage Band. Ha look at me go). We’re getting our artwork finalised and then we will unleash upon the world what is likely to be a messy yet authentic exercise in going back into the past — the early ’80s to be precise — and an attempt at the excavation of one person’s life, starting at age 16. 

This is happening with my daughter, Lily who just turned 25. I read my diaries from the beginning, and she interrupts a lot and says ‘WAIT I’VE GOT QUESTIONS’. She thinks I should pause more to give her time to put in her reactions. We’ve had a couple of scratchy moments already — one about the contraceptive pill (EP5)and the other about me trying to unpack my identification with Nux, one of the War Boys in the latest Mad Max film (EP15) Be warned, in Season 1 there’s A LOT of Adam Ant. We chat about my old days, and we chat about our new days. We get side-tracked. We laugh. We notice things that are different — then to now — and things that are the same. We talk families, love, sex and life. We talk A LOT about thrush as well. Disappointments and joys. It could be the podcast equivalent of an ‘in-joke’ — you know, where someone says something and you don’t get it because you had to be there at the time. Or it could be a podcast equivalent of you being in a cafe and there are two woman at a table nearby and their cackling and loud voices is so fucking annoying you have to leave. We’ll leave your reactions up to you but we figure there are some people out there who will like to listen in.

Lily and I got together in a park recently to take lockdown photos and hilarity ensued. We forgot the tripod. It was windy. We didn’t know what we were doing. This is kind of how it is each week as we record our episodes. We have 22 in the bag and will be releasing them over November and December, and then continue in 2022. There are dozens of volumes of my diaries, and we have 16 years of them, until Lily was born, when they get sketchy. Interestingly, for some people, when I was an anonymous blogger back in 2005 and thereafter for about 8 years, I blogged some of these, calling them ‘My Bad ’80s diaries’ so it’s a concept that’s been around for a little while. Just needed the technology to catch up.

This will be a weekly series, it’s chronological and we ‘go there’ in terms of content, so the squeamish should not listen. Follow us on Twitter @mymumsbaddiaries (where we’ll Tweet about episodes) and on Instagram @mymumsbaddiaries (where we plan to ‘scrapbook’ each episode lots of posts featuring real artefacts, photos and quotable quotes. Website to follow).