Are you, like me, tinkering with a novella?

I’ve got so many things on the go, including a novella. Australian and NZ writers can submit their novella ms by 2 December this year to Seizure and be one of 4 winners. If nothing else, the writer submission page answers what a novella is (well for their purposes): ‘a slim 20 – 50,000 words.


The only thing that’s not yay about this is somewhere on their website where they talk about young writers and editors trying to get established. They could use the ubiquitous and more ambiguous/less-specific term ’emerging’ and then it would be 100% yay. When I see funky website + that kind of text to me it = ‘not gonna really dig you or your stuff if you’re over 30.’

Maybe I’m being presumptuous.

2 thoughts on “Are you, like me, tinkering with a novella?

  1. This sounds good, Jenny. I couldn’t see the young writer’s bit on the web page, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. I’m with you on this – I much prefer the word ’emerging’ because of the connotations of ‘young’. Best of luck with your entry 😉

    1. It’s on the ‘About’ page – ‘young authors and editors’. Not sure whether I’ll enter it, need to focus on my novels. Am concentrating on number 2 now, putting number 1 to the side, have had great feedback from pubs but no offer yet. Which is a bum but which is life. Maybe the second one will be the one to get over the line. Who knows?

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