Going fishing, again.


Well, not really but you get my drift. That man in the middle above is holding what *might* be a ‘Pirate’s Capriosca.’ I like to think it is, because that’s what we’ll be drinking on the hot nights down the beach. Melbourne is staring down the fishing-rod of a run of hot days – tomorrow has been revised I see to 43, Wed 39, Thurs 41 and Friday 40 before a cool-off on Saturday.

I doubt there’ll be marlin, and there won’t be any bum-bags that’s for sure. There might be some white apparel, and hats. Yes, there’ll be hats.

To read, I’m taking Donna Tartt’s second book The Little Friend which is southern and blowsy, as well as The Casual Vacancy which my sister lent me. It’s her in-laws place we are going and she and my bro-in-law and their kids will be there. There’ll be cricket books lying around. I read the first few pages of Vacancy and it’s not bad, but I am into Friend so shall keep on with that.

I also have the edits for my manuscript which is really good, so will be digesting those along with the evening drinks and what will probably be too much food. Then I’ll come back and make my revisions.

So, see you at the end of the week chickens.

PIRATE’S CAPRIOSCAThis is a version with dark rum. Yum.

60ml raw sugar syrup (recipe below)
30ml Mount Gay or dark Havana rum
30ml gin
10 mint leaves (we find this is a bit too much, go to taste)
1 cup crushed ice
2 lime quarters
juice of half a lime (depending on price of limes you can play around with these quantities)

Shake and pour.



2 parts sugar, 1 part water, heat until sugar dissolves, cool down.

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