Gone fishing



Leaving Friday for my trip but wanted to close the blog down now, as I have a lot to do before I go. Like googling directions and printing them out. Making sure I have enough boots packed. And hats.

When I come back in mid Feb I have a first meeting with my new publisher. Allen & Unwin have bought my first novel The Sugar Men, which will be published later this year (it’s slated for September).

I can’t tell you how exciting this is. Other novelist hopefuls will understand what it means, especially if they have been submitting and getting rejections, and especially if they are determined to be published by a traditional press. Authors who are already published will know what it means. But family members, friends, even serious readers and critics and reviewers won’t understand truly what it means. They will note the excitement, the joy, the champagne, but they won’t know what it feels like in the heart.

It is a dream come true. I couldn’t ask for a better publisher, and a better person at that publisher. I am truly elated and feel very lucky. Yes, the work has to be good, and yes it has to be marketable, but also I feel there is some luck involved. Right person, right reading-time, right opening in the list. All that.

I’ve kept a lid on this for a while. Contracts were signed and counter-signed before Christmas so I’ve been excited for a while now. But 2015 is going to be wonderful, if only for this. Nothing competes with the feeling of someone loving your book and wanting to publish it. Nothing.

See you when I get back.



22 thoughts on “Gone fishing

  1. Hi Jenny, how wonderful for you on having such success, I look forward to buy your book in September. If I could impose on you with just a couple of questions before you bask in the success you well deserve, than I’ll stop making a nuisance of myself, is to ask you: please tell me, was your contract as a result of you literary agent? I have sent blogs to many contacts including to Virginia Lloyds site with no reply so far but I can’t see my blog on her site should I persevere? If I sound impatient is because Virginia talks about wanting non-fiction with bite and reality, that’s just what I have. I have done a market research of my unedited manuscript, among a dozen of avid readers I selected at random at the library, complete strangers to me. Their comments were: “it’s compulsive reading, I can’t put the manuscript down, I have to know what’s on the other page” they have also rated the manuscript 7-8 on all counts stating that my family’s non-fiction story would make for a very emotional movie without being morbid. Jenny, How do I get a professional to hear my story? That’s it I said it, have a wonderful time, just think of me once in a while because I will be thinking of you. I don’t know who said “Friends are strangers that have not met jet” but how true…Love, Livia

    1. Thanks Livia, you’re not being a nuisance!

      I’m a bit confused what you are saying. When you say you have left blogs, do you mean comments on blogs? Sometimes blogs have comment moderation (not sure from memory whether Virginia’s does or not) however, if you go to this page: http://virginialloyd.com/vblog/contact/submissions/

      you will read all about V’s requirements. One is that you are an Australian writer.

      Everything you need to know is on that page, including her email address.

      Virginia is very diligent about responding to emails/queries, she is polite and professional.

      And to answer your question, yes it was Virginia submitting my manuscript to Australian publishers that got me the book contract.

      Good luck with it all!

  2. AAAAAAAGHHHHHH what brilliant news!!!! Congratulations Jenny! Wishing all good things for The Sugar Men and you. You won’t need a plane to go on holiday – you could fly there yourself on wings of publication elation.

  3. Congratulations Jenny — this is very exciting for you. As you say, I don’t know in my heart what this means, but I can surely imagine. Well done. The commitment you authors make to your work, the way you put your egos on the line again and again impresses me. You deserve news like this.

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