Maybe I’ll do a little something each day

So it’s not often you experience an ‘AH FUCK’ moment in a book or film these days. Maybe it’s my age – my jaded feeling that nothing much can surprise me, that things are usually predictable. Not saying there’s not a HEAP of pleasure to be found in many many things, including books but I am saying that mostly, you don’t get that moment.

Happened to me today. I’m a close reader and nothing much gets past me. I knew something was building in The Mother’s Group but on page 188 when I read:

As if Miranda didn’t know. She’d already given him a gift voucher for a massage, more than a month in advance of his birthday

that’s when I said ‘AH FUCK’ and grabbed my pen to make a note.

Thank you for surprising me, Fiona Higgins. As I say, it doesn’t happen much but I love it when it does.

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