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As I said before, this is my Year of Reading India.

The rules are I don’t buy any new local or overseas fiction, with the following exceptions:

  1. my friend’s book, coming out this year some time
  2. books that fit into my written by an Indian author/set in India/about India
  3. books that are necessary for my reading for writing (researchy things, connected to my writing)

This means I had to abandon Ferrante number 3 (I managed to get number 2 in during the last days of December).


I am reading from my owned stock of Indian books, and last night I started with The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Now, because part of the reason I’ve set this restriction for myself is so that I read things I might find hard work, I am going to not abandon any of the books. This might be too ambitious and might be revised but I don’t want to just cop out and move on to the next thing because that is what I’ve done before when I’ve tried to read them, eg especially Rushdie. So I will persist, and be patient, and look for the things that made this books big.

So wish me luck. I’m excited. But looking at the lists of upcoming books for this year in the newspapers is making me a bit toey about it. But I will stay firm, make lists of those to carry over to next year. I am determined.

Oh, and I also got a lovely final review in Australian Book Review, didn’t know it was in there until my eye fell on it as I was reading through the magazine. Finished off the year rawther well, as Eloise would say.

god of small things