Just me, Toni & Salman

radio national

So check out the link below. I’ll wait here for you to come back.

Radio National Books & Arts Daily

I was very excited when I got a message from Kate Evans of Books+Arts and Books+ on Radio National to let me know my interview with her would be broadcast this morning.

I listened ‘live’ and was really happy with how it went. But most excitingly was that Salman Rushdie was on the same program. Just luck I’m sure but it had a very sweet feeling about it, seeing my book jacket on the same page as the link to his interview. And also on the program, an interview with people involved in Toni Morrison’s Desdemona.

Here is the podcast if you’d like to listen. It goes for about 15 minutes and Kate asks me about my connection to Turkey, why I wanted to include a Ned Kelly storyline (because the book would have worked without it, she said) and also about the main characters, James and Cem.

My interview with Kate Evans

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